Email Marketing within the UK for your new business

When it comes to starting a new business, there are various stages that you'll go through. These stages include:

The Development Stage

This stage involves creating a plan. Everything will be included in this plan, such as where the business will be located, whether or not the product/service/idea will fill a need or want in the market. You'll also want to include things such as what your business structure will be and whether or not your idea will generate profits. When it comes to Email Marketing business owners will also want to include that in the plan, and they'll want to have an idea of how they will build their email list.

The Startup Stage

During the startup phase, you will encounter a lot of challenges. This is because this stages consists of seeking out investors or raising money, as well as interviewing and hiring workers. You'll have to build up a customer base and manage accounts you open. Other than that, you'll need to manage expectations from both cash reserves and sales. 

The Growth Stage 

The startup phase can be intense, and once companies get through that stage, the next one is the growth stage. By this point, a business is already generating some revenue, profits and they continue to grow their base of customers. The growth phase can be entered within a short period of time or it may take a business a few months or even years before they enter it. 

Businesses will need to figure out how to improve profits and how to expand via methods such as traditional marketing methods, online marketing methods and so forth. A number of challenges will be encountered at the growth stage, and this includes figuring out how to become more competitive in the market, how to streamline operations and how to deal with both an increase of revenues and customers. 


The expansion stage involves expanding more into the market. For example, if your new business is a fitness centre and you operate within one city, then you might want to grab a bigger share of the local market by opening up a second location. Alternatively, expanding can involve increasing your advertising budget to launch extensive campaigns that target prospective customers in other areas of the city or in surrounding towns. Depending in how much revenue and profits you're generating, it may be worth considering buying out a competitor or two. 

The Maturity Stage 

The last stage a new business enters is the maturity stage. This is when your business has been a strong impact in the market and you'll be more focused on how how to maintain cash flow and how to manage it if it goes into the negative. At this point, you might also want to create an exit strategy, even if you plan on staying in business for many years to come. 

Those are the different stages of starting a new business. It doesn't matter what kind of business you plan on launching, you can expect to go through those five stages.